MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology has received a patent for invention “Method for demetallization of heavy petroleum feedstock”

Magomedov R.N., e.a. Method for demetallization of heavy petroleum feedstock. Patent RF, no. 2611416, 2017.

The invention relates to the field of petroleum refining, and in particular, to the demetallization of heavy oil, natural bitumen and heavy oil residue by extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide as the primary solvent. The proposed method is aimed at the obtaining of deasphalted oil from heavy petroleum feedstock which is free of metals and can be used as a feedstock for a fluid catalytic cracking/hydrocracking unit or for a delayed coking unit in order to produce the components of motor fuels and/or high quality coke. Asphalt is a co-product that can be used as a component of residual fuel oils or a feedstock for gasification plant producing electricity, hydrogen and slag for metal recovery.

The adoption of the developed method will create real prerequisites for increasing the depth of petroleum refining and using the full potential of associated components of the petroleum feedstock.