58th MIPT scientific conference session was held in our center

On 25/11/2015 58th MIPT scientific conference session “ hard-to recover reserves Exploration and refining technologies” was held in MIPT center for hard-to recover reserves.

The program consisted of 10 reports related to oil and oil-bearing raw materials production, research and processing different aspects.

Within the session young scientists’ works contest was held.

K.L. Klimenok was awarded by the diploma for the best scientific work in the “post graduate” nomination and R.H. Magomedov – in the “young scientist” nominaton.

We congratulate the winners!

All reports at the “ hard-to recover reserves Exploration and refining technologies” session were listened with big attention.

Perspective for rare and rare-earth metals production Russian Federation heavy oils and natural bitumen fields selecting. The speaker – A.A. Bondar.

Heavy oil raw material demetallization using supercritical carbon dioxide as the main solvent. Speaker – R.H. Magomedov.

Metals compounds in oil forms. Determination challenges and solving methods. Speaker – L.S. Foteeva.

Heavy oil residues analyzing challenges. Speaker – N.S. Musina

Oil refining products strengthening modifying by carbon nano-particles. Speaker – T.V. Mokochunina

Oil Microelements content determination specific. Speaker – E.Yu. Savonina

Microwave discharge in liquid hydrocarbons visualization. Speaker – K.A. Averin.

Heavy oil Catalytic hydroconversion in the presence of nano-sized catalysts. Speaker – E.E. Magomadov.